Liposuction and autologous fat transfer

Using your own fat for corrections after liposuction

The topic of “fat” plays a major role in plastic surgery. Some opt for liposuction alone. However, the liposuctioned fat is ideal for breast augmentation, for example. It is also very popular for facial wrinkle injections, scar corrections and scar relining. It can also be used to achieve hand rejuvenation, labia enlargement or penis thickening.

Modern method of liposuction

Since the first attempts at liposuction in the 1980s, the technique has undergone enormous further development, which has led to an enormous improvement in results and safety for patients.

Today, liposuction is performed using modern methods with little to virtually no bleeding.

The instruments have also been constantly refined. Today, micro-cannulas with a diameter of just a few millimeters are used almost exclusively. This enables improved, refined modeling of body transitions.

Dents after liposuction

The risk of dents forming or irregular results as well as the risk of injury to organs or blood vessels during liposuction has been significantly reduced. Techniques such as SAFE lipo have also contributed to this, as the fat can be distributed particularly finely and the result is very natural.

Autologous fat for other body regions

For a transfer to other areas of the body, the previously suctioned fat is specially prepared and then inserted. Around %-70% of the transferred fat remains permanently and leads to a very natural result. The body’s own fat transfer is also associated with low risks, as it is a substance produced naturally in the body.

Regions that are suitable for autologous fat transfer after liposuction

  • Breast – for breast augmentation
  • Hands – for hand rejuvenation
  • Face – for wrinkle treatment and more volume
  • Penis – for thickening if the penis is too small
  • Labia – for labia that are too small
  • Scar corrections

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