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The most important facts about thigh lift

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Surgical thigh lift

Surgical thigh lift has become a frequently performed plastic surgery procedure in recent decades.

This can improve the contour of the thighs and remove excess skin and fat. Current techniques make it possible to achieve natural and aesthetically pleasing results.

Why thighs sag

The thighs consist of several layers, including skin, fatty tissue and muscles.

Genetic weakness of the connective tissue, pregnancy, ageing or massive weight loss can lead to changes in skin elasticity and muscle tone causing thighs to sag.

These are common reasons why people are interested in thigh lifting.

Why tlift thighs

Many people opt for thigh lifting for aesthetic reasons, especially after massive weight loss.

In some cases, thigh lift may also be necessary for medical reasons, such as to improve mobility or reduce skin irritation.

A thigh lift is an option:

You suffer from saggy thighs and even sport and a healthy diet do not give you firm thighs

You suffer from weak connective tissues and therefore flabby thighs

After massive weight loss, after one or more pregnancies or when the natural ageing process leads to sagging thighs

Oberschenkelstraffung durch Operation

Guide to the thigh lift - the path to the new you

It is very important to me to support you in your decision by providing comprehensive information. In addition, a trusting relationship with your doctor is always beneficial.

Our procedure for operations

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Take your time

Take your time to think it over and read the documents we provide about your planned procedure. A reflection period of about 14 days is recommended for most procedures.

2nd consultation

In a second appointment we go through all aspects of the procedure again, and I will be happy to answer all your questions.


If you decide to have the procedure, we will find a suitable date for you.

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3 steps to a thigh lift

Anesthesia for a thigh lift

A thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia. The medication will be adjusted to you personally for your well-being during the operation. Together with our anesthesiologist, we will discuss which form of anesthesia is best for you.

Method of thigh lift

First, fatty tissue is suctioned from the inner thigh. If the findings are minor, the thigh skin can be tightened via a small incision in the inner groin region. If more tissue is sagging, a longitudinal incision must also be made in order to achieve an optimal result. Enough tissue is removed to achieve a good tightening effect, but the wound can still be closed securely. Finally, the wound is closed cosmetically. The use of drains is not necessary. We use self-dissolving sutures and you can go home the same day. Stich removal is not required. At the end of the operation you will be fitted with compression pants.

Aftercare and recovery

The results of a thigh lift are not immediately visible and require a little patience, as each person has an individual healing process. After around 6-12 months, you can look forward to the final result and enjoy it for many years to come.

Thigh lift - What you should know!

How permanent is thigh lifting?

You will enjoy your thighs for many years or even decades. Despite tightening, the result is still subject to the natural aging process, which can be counteracted by the positive support of sport and a healthy diet.

What are the risks of thigh lifting?

No operation is completely free of risks. However, modern surgical methods and compliance with high standards reduce the risk to a minimum. In addition to the occurrence of general surgical risks such as post-operative bleeding, thrombosis or embolism, wound healing disorders may also occur. These can usually be treated well with bandages. Sometimes there is also an accumulation of wound or lymph fluid in the surgical area. It may be necessary to puncture them.

When are sports, sauna and sun/solarium allowed again after thigh lifting?

You should be cautious with sport after a thigh lift. The scars here are particularly sensitive because the strong thigh muscles exert a lot of force on the skin and connective tissue. Light physical activity can be resumed after 3 months. Intensive sunbathing should be avoided during this time, as this can lead to wound healing disorders and discoloration of the scar.

How do I prepare for thigh lifting?

Before a thigh lift, we will discuss the following points together in order to positively influence the success in advance and avoid risks:

  • General state of health and any illnesses
  • The influence of nicotine on the wound healing process. If possible, avoid smoking for 3 weeks before the operation and at least 3 weeks afterwards.
  • Avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, as these greatly impair blood clotting.
  • There should be no acute or severe chronic illnesses that contraindicate a surgical procedure.
  • Chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure or diabetes must be well controlled with medication.
  • Arrange transportation home for the day of the operation in advance and make sure that someone is with you at least for the first night after the operation.
  • Prepare everything you will need after the operation at home and put the most important things within easy reach so that you don’t have to stretch too much after the operation and can devote yourself to your recovery.
  • Regardless of the type of procedure, drinking enough water before and after the procedure is necessary for recovery.

Can thigh lifting be achieved without surgery?

Unfortunately, there are no real alternatives to a thigh lift. However, there are now excellent methods for tightening the skin in the case of minor findings. For some patients, this is an alternative or even a good complement to surgery.

What does a thigh lift cost?

The price for surgical thigh lifting is € 7.990,-, incl. The costs include the initial consultation, photo documentation, information, surgery incl. anesthesia, OR staff, consumables, compression pants and all check-ups.

Prices valid from 01.01.2024