CO2-laser Vienna
Skin resurfacing for wrinkle treatment, skin renewal, pigment spots, large pores,acne scars and scars correction by Dr. Roland Resch

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The most important facts about CO2-laser treatment Vienna

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CO2 laser Vienna

Wrinkle treatment, skin renewal and skin tone improvement with CO2-laser Vienna

CO2-laser devices have been used for many years in the aesthetic treatment of facial wrinkles, for tightening, for substantial skin renewal and for scar treatment. A skin resurfacing with our state-of-the-art laser systems from Alma Lasers® is gentle and meets the high requirements of an aesthetically satisfying, modern treatment method.

Not only do we work with the best equipment available on the market, but we are also comprehensively trained and have many years of experience.

Possible combination with other treatments

In combination with other wrinkle treatments such as fillers or thread lifting, laser skin resurfacing is an effective and long-lasting method of renewing and tightening the skin and tissue, leaving you radiant.

A CO2-laser Vienna treatment is an option:

You are bothered by wrinkles on the face, around the eyes, around the mouth or décolleté

For enlarged pores and/or scars

Your skin lacks elasticity and resilience

Your skin has sun damage or pigmentation spots

You feel younger than you look

Your skin looks tired and saggy

CO2-Laser Wien Anti Aging Faltenbehandlung

CO2-laser Vienna

Laser skin resurfacing is a gentle and modern method of counteracting these signs of aging and renewing the skin and underlying tissue from the inside and outside.

Results to be expected from skin resurfacing with our CO2-laser Vienna

  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Creation of new supporting and connective tissue
  • Skin renewal
  • Increasing skin elasticity and firmness
  • Reduction of the pores and refinement of the scar appearance
  • Refinement of the entire skin texture
  • Removal of sun-induced skin damage and age spots
  • Equalization of skin irregularities
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Guide to CO2-laser treatment - The path to your new self

It is very important to me to support you in your decision by providing comprehensive information. In addition, a trusting relationship with your doctor is always beneficial.

Our procedure for CO2-laser treatment

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A consultation during which I will provide you with comprehensive information about your planned treatment and you can ask any questions you may have. You will take home all the documents needed concerning your treatment.

Take your time

Take your time to think it over and read the documents we provide about your planned procedure.

Event. 2nd consultation

If you are still unsure or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


If you decide to go ahead with the treatment, we will find an appointment that suits you.

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4 steps of a CO2-laser treatment in Vienna

Consultation on a CO2 laser treatment

A consultation is extremely important because:
- an assessment of the areas to be treated must be carried out
- your wishes and goals are discussed
- realistically achievable results are discussed
- Alternatives and possible combinations are discussed
- Side effects and risks are explained
- a necessary antibiotic and antiviral prophylaxis is explained
- the aftercare is discussed

CO2 laser technology

We use light and laser-based skin resurfacing technologies to optimize your skin tone and texture. This can smooth the skin, improve the complexion and skin elasticity and reduce superficial pigmentation (age or sun spots) and pore size.
At the same time, the body's own collagen production is stimulated and new collagen and elastin fibers are formed.
This also protects your skin against the ageing process. The treatments are safe and effective for suitable skin types.

Aftercare and recovery

You can go home shortly after the treatment. Of course, we will provide you with all the care instructions to take home with you. After the treatment, you may be reddened as if you had sunburn.
Depending on the intensity of the treatment, a feeling of tightness, scaling of the skin and slight crust formation may occur in the first few days afterwards.
This first process is completed after a few days. However, the skin remains sensitive and must be well protected against sunlight and moisturized to avoid pigment shifts.

Result of CO2-laser treatment

The result of the renewal process through laser skin resurfacing becomes more and more apparent in the months following the treatment and is actually complete after approx. 1 year.

As laser skin resurfacing involves the structural reconstruction (neocollagenesis) of the body's own structure, you can expect the effects to last for a very long time. The ageing process of the skin cannot be stopped, but time can be turned back.

CO2 laser Vienna treatment - what you should know!

What happens during CO2 laser treatment?

Fractional ablative technology using a CO2-laser Vienna

The Pixel CO2 laser with 10,600 nm creates microchannels in the skin through targeted, adjustable thermal and ablative effects without damaging the surrounding tissue. The treatment with the Alma® Pixel CO2 laser removes tiny parts of the epidermis and creates microscopic channels deep into the dermis.

This treatment stimulates the formation of new collagen and at the same time, by gently removing the top layer of skin, the complexion becomes more even, pores are reduced and scars are refined. Wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation can be reduced or eliminated.

By using this state-of-the-art laser system, our patients benefit from a significantly shorter downtime compared to conventional CO2-lasers. The fractional approach also reduces the risk of side effects such as scarring, hypo- and hyperpigmentation, infections and permanent redness.

What side effects and risks can occur with CO2 laser treatment?

Patient safety is my top priority!

The following side effects can occur as a result of laser skin resurfacing:

  • Oozing
  • Crust formation – do not scratch or scrape it off (scar formation)
  • Long-lasting redness, up to 6 months (can be covered with make-up).

If the specified precautionary measures are not observed, there is a risk of:

  • Infection
  • Pigment disorders

What needs to be considered after CO2-laser treatment?

  • Care, healing and anti-inflammatory products: You will receive precise care instructions from us.
  • Swimming pools: avoid swimming pools for two weeks (risk of infection).
  • UV radiation: after treatment, the sun and all UV radiation must be consistently avoided for six months and suitable UV protection must be used (sun protection products 50+, sun hat, covering the treated area/s etc.). Risk of pigment shift.
  • Sauna, hammam, hot baths and anything that leads to increased blood circulation should be avoided for at least two weeks after the treatment.
  • Peelings and cosmetic treatments: no peelings or cosmetic treatments may be carried out in the treatment area before or after the treatment. The period depends on the laser treatment.
  • Hair removal: before and during laser therapy, hair should not be removed from the treated and to be treated body areas using hot wax, depilatory cream, sugaring, plucking or epilation.
  • Avoid rubbing the skin, e.g. with towels, scrubs or massage gloves in the treatment area after the treatment. The duration depends on the type of laser treatment.
  • Sport: depending on the laser treatment, you may be recommended to take a break from sport.

What does a CO2 laser treatment cost?

Laser Skin ReSurfacing can be performed all over the face, neck, décolleté, hands or just in individual areas. With laser skin resurfacing, the intensity determines the downtime.

Facial ReSurfacing

Downtime: 3-7 days

Costs: € 650,-


Entire eye area – crow’s feet and eye wrinkles: € 350

Entire mouth area – upper lip wrinkles, nasolabial folds, chin: € 350,-

Prices valid from 01.01.2024

When should one refrain from fractional laser treatment?

  • Sun and solarium-tanned skin is not suitable for fractional laser treatment.
  • Patients must not be sensitive to light and should not have a tendency to develop herpes.
  • Further contraindications are dermatoses with Koebner phenomenon, muscular rythids, previous illnesses with keloid formation, medication with isotretinoin, collagen defects, cutaneous infection of the areas to be treated, skin type IV and higher (Fitzpatrick scale)
  • Tendency to hypo-/hyperpigmentation.