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A face lift or facelifting is a surgical method of tightening the facial skin and restoring sagging tissue to a youthful position

Facelifting: The most important facts about facelifting

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Facelift: Facial rejuvenation

Natural facelift – neck lift

Wrinkles formation and sagging increases with age. The skin becomes thin and wrinkled and the connective tissue begins to follow the force of gravity and sink downwards. Volume, especially fatty tissue, disappears from the face and makes people look older and often very tired, grumpy or ill.

That is the time to consider having a facelift. I will be happy to provide you with more information below to ensure that you can make a well-informed decision. However, individual advice can only be given in a personal consultation.

Goals achievable with a natural facelift:

Natürliches Facelift für den Mann durch Dr. Roland Resch in Wien. Dabei wird abgesunkenes Gewebe wieder in die richtige Position gebracht, Die Haut, die Kinnlinie und der Hals gestrafft.

Basics for a natural facelift

Not an ideal image, but your individual face shape and appearance are the basics that must always be taken into consideration in order to make your face appear harmonious and natural. After all, you don’t want to lose your charisma.

It would be unnatural to want to look at 60 like you did at 40. The goal is to look your best for your age with respect for who you have become. You should remain who you are, but look good, fresh, fit and healthy, and above all natural. This is the aim of a modern approach to facelifting.

“With me, you never get “just a facelift” using a specific method. It’s about the overall picture and, above all, about your wishes, how you look and what you want to radiate more in the future.”

I would be happy to advise you personally

Yours, Dr. Roland Resch

It is important that you make the decision on an informed basis and in consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon who understands your individual needs and wishes and can set realistic expectations. A comprehensive understanding of the motivations and goals helps to achieve the best possible results and ensure long-term satisfaction with the procedure.

Facelift - prevention is better than recovery

The ageing process accelerates between the ages of 40 and 50. It is therefore best to have the treatment carried out around the age of 45. The more advanced the ageing process, the more complex and difficult it becomes to carry out optimization.

The method of facelift or neck lift

Facelifts have been performed for more than 100 years. A very long time in which methods have been developed and refined and important insights have been gained. There are a number of different procedures available for a modern facelift (S-MACS, X-MACS, SMAS-Lift, Mini Lift) but these are either too little or too invasive and people do not appear in public for up to a month afterwards.

Facelift types in comparison

In the following, we compare the EnBloc facelift method directly with other facelift methods.

Feature EnBlock method S-MACS / X-MACS SMAS-Lift Mini Lift
Strong focus on conservation
of natural beauty
and charisma
Less focus on natural
charisma, more on
Specific lifting effects
Comprehensive rejuvenation,
Less focus on
Subtle rejuvenation,
can have a natural effect,
but limited
in the adjustment
Every intervention is
Facial features
Standardized techniques
with some adjustment
Comprehensive customization
possible, but with
Focus on
Rather standardized,
focused on
specific areas
Holistic analysis
the charisma and
of the appearance
of the patient
Focus on anatomical
Lifting without a holistic view
Concentration on
deep structures,
less on
the overall appearance
Limited holistic
Consideration, focused on minimal interventions
Minimization of downtimes and
The aim is a gentle
Treatment with minimal risks
Minimal scarring,
but downtimes vary
Longer recovery time
due to more extensive interventions
Shorter recovery time,
Lower risks due to minimal intervention

EnBloc method for face lifting

In my opinion, the EnBloc method for face lifting offers the best starting point for achieving an optimized, age-appropriate and natural appearance. Unlike traditional methods, the EnBloc method does not just look at one part of the face, but takes a holistic approach. If only part of the face is rejuvenated, this can very often lead to an unbalanced appearance, i.e. a procedure must not affect the natural balance of a face.

Aims of the EnBloc facelift method

Correct your face in a natural way

Minimize the impact of the intervention

Scars after an EnBloc facelift / neck lift

One of the reasons why patients recover relatively quickly after an EnBloc facelift and can return to their everyday lives is that the incision and wound areas are relatively small compared to other methods.

The incisions are kept as small as possible and placed in such a way that they are practically invisible afterwards. Self-dissolving stitches are used so that the healing process is even more comfortable.

If a facelift is combined with an eyelid lift, the incisions are also made in such a way that they are almost invisible afterwards.

As a rule, scars take 3-4 months to fade. During this time, however, scars can be concealed with make-up. It takes up to a year for scars to fully mature and you must strictly protect the scars from UV radiation during this time.

Guide to a surgical facelift - The path to your new you

It is very important to me to support you in your decision by providing comprehensive information. In addition, a trusting relationship with your doctor is always beneficial.

Our procedure for operations

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At your first consultation you will be thoroughly informed about the procedure you are planning to go through. We will answer all your questions. You will take home all the documents needed concerning your treatment.

Take your time

Take your time to think it over and read the documents we provide about your planned procedure. A reflection period of about 14 days is recommended for most procedures.

2nd consultation

In a second appointment we go through all aspects of the procedure again, and I will be happy to answer all your questions.


If you decide to have the procedure, we will find a suitable date for you.

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4 steps to a natural facelift and/or neck lift

The consultation for a surgical facelift

A personal consultation with me gives you the opportunity to discuss all your wishes, ideas and goals. I will give you an honest assessment of what I can do for you and which approach I think is most suitable for you. Possible risks such as the recovery process are also part of the consultation.


Treatment should always be well-considered and voluntary. After the consultation, you will receive documens about the treatment to take home with you. In a second appointment you can further discuss all treatment options.


Me and my staff will make your treatment as pleasant as possible. We know that treatment is an exciting process that requires a professional and reassuring environment. The operation takes place in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and an entire team is available for your well-being. You may return home on the same day and we will give you instructions on how to take of yourself.

Aftercare and recovery after a surgical facelift

We stay in contact after the treatment and see each other regularly for follow-up checks, which are of course all included in the cost. My goal and the goal of my staff is to help you achieve a very beautiful and natural-looking result. We will provide you with detailed instructions for post-operative care as well as information on normal symptoms and signs of possible complications.

The recovery time varies. The more extensive the procedure, the longer the recovery period. In addition to the optimal surgical technique for you, your genes, your age and the elasticity of your skin also determine how quickly you recover. For each individual procedure, I will give you information on when you can return to a normal level of activity and go back to work.

Facelift: What you should know!

How long does the result of a surgical facelift last?

The results of a facelift can last for many years. One facelift per lifetime is usually enough. Some patients also come twice, with usually 10-15 years in between.

The individual result depends on various factors, such as age, genetics, the method used, lifestyle and many more. In summary, however, it can be said that a facelift lasts for many years in the vast majority of cases. But of course the face is subject to a certain ageing process even after a facelift.

Combination facelift & neck lift

Combining a facelift with a neck lift is ideal and is performed very frequently. In most people, these two regions do not age in isolation, but together.

Many people judge the success of a facelift primarily by the appearance of the neck. The combination of a facelift and neck lift can effectively counteract the ageing process.

Combination facelift & forehead lift

In the past, a surgical facelift was almost always combined with a forehead lift. The forehead lift was a thoroughly invasive procedure, which above all led to a significant lifting of the forehead hairline. Usually not a pretty sight!

Nowadays, modern and gentle treatments are used, such as lifting the eyebrows with a thread lift or smoothing the forehead by injecting a wrinkle-smoothing substance.

Facial tightening without surgery

It is also possible to tighten the facial skin and restore volume without surgery. Examples include liquid facelifting and skin resurfacing with our CO2 laser. Both methods – liquid facelift and CO2 laser – have their justification but also their limitations; an individual treatment plan is determined for each patient. I would be happy to advise you personally.

Preparation for a facelift

Before a facelift, we will discuss the following points together in order to positively influence the success in advance and avoid risks:

  • General state of health and any illnesses
  • The influence of nicotine on the wound healing process. If possible, avoid smoking for 3 weeks before and after surgery.
  • Avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs, as these greatly impair blood clotting.
  • Previous procedures you have undergone, such as laser treatments, peelings, injection therapies
  • Preparations for at home after the operation

The following guidelines apply to all types of facelifts:

You need to take it easy after a facelift. The more you take care of yourself, the faster you will recover and can enjoy the results.

  • Lie flat so that swelling can subside more quickly. You may need to use a neck pillow to sleep without putting pressure on your ears.
  • Do not bend your head far forwards or backwards.
  • Mild pain may occur, which you can easily control with prescribed painkillers. Pain usually begins to subside after 24-48 hours.
  • Bruising and swelling may occur in the first 1-3 days, peaking after 24-48 hours and gradually subsiding over the following 10-14 days
  • Self-dissolving sutures are used. As soon as these have dissolved, scar treatment can be started to ideally support the result.

Risks and side effects

No medical procedure is without risk and this is also the case with a facelift. The risk can be minimized by adhering to the highest standards, constant quality controls and further training. Patient safety is my top priority!

The most common risks associated with a facelift are post-operative bleeding. Wound healing or scarring disorders can also occur. However, this is rarely the case. Nerve damage to the facial nerves is very rare.

Prices/costs for a surgical facelift

A facelift is a complex surgical procedure. The price also depends on whether extensions such as an extended neck lift, forehead or eyebrow lift, an eyelid lift or an additional autologous fat transfer are to be performed. To achieve a reasonable result, you have to reckon with costs starting at € 7,890.

Prices valid from 01.01.2024

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