Lip injections

Sensually full lips through lip augmentation - sensible and less sensible treatments.

I was recently consulted by a patient who had a permanent lip augmentation and filling in Turkey. Silicone implants were surgically inserted into the lips. The result was no longer acceptable for the patient after just a few months and she sought help – continuous pain and a very disturbing foreign body sensation were the decisive factors for the patient to have the implants removed by me and then to give her lips a break of at least 6 months. After this recovery period for the lips, a new, but different, treatment can be carried out and the lips built up – if the patient wishes.

By removing the implants, the patient was relieved of her pain and her lips calmed down again.

My patient was still lucky that her silicone implants could still be removed and the complaints came to an immediate end. This is because other permanent filling substances cannot be removed without leaving residue and the treatment of inflammation is very difficult and often takes years.

The insertion of permanent filling substances in regions that are subject to such strong mimic movement and stress always leads to an increased risk of complications.

Permanent fillers are the silicone implants mentioned above, but also silicone oil (mainly used in the USA) or permanent fillers that are injected. All of these substances carry the risk of sudden reactions developing even years or decades later. This leads to chronic inflammatory changes, so-called granulomas, which appear like eczema or pustules and cause redness, swelling and pain. This is also cosmetically very disturbing, as the changes are visible.

For this reason, I only use biodegradable or natural substances to treat lips.

Lippenunterspritzung vorher BEFORE
Lippen aufspritzen lassen Wien AFTER

Degradable substance:

Hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable substance for the lip. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the skin and connective tissue and is responsible for the moisturization and volume of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It is therefore very well tolerated and reactions are extremely rare. The result is very natural, but not permanent. Injections must be carried out every 12 – 18 months if the result is to be maintained. A small price to pay compared to complications that can be a lifelong burden.

Permanent, endogenous substance - autologous fat:

One substance that leads to a permanent result of full lips without reactions is autologous fat. Although fat is a permanent filling substance, there are no reactions of the body as with implants, silicone oil or other substances, as autologous fat is the body’s own material. The result of filling the lips with autologous fat is very natural and blends harmoniously into the facial features. Treatment with autologous fat is a short surgical procedure and is usually performed in conjunction with fat treatments or operations in other areas.

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Yours, Dr. Roland Resch